HSC Travel Program

Hulmeville Soccer is proud to offer competitive level travel soccer for most age groups and for both boys and girls.

In the Hulmeville travel program, coaches select a group of players to play competitively in local and/or national leagues.  The HSC travel "season" is from fall to fall. Players will often practice year round, multiple times per week.  Many teams will play indoors during the cold season and outdoors as weather permits. 

All travel teams hold open try-outs every Spring.  

Questions regarding the travel program? Feel free to contact our travel Director, Ashley Fischer at travel@hulmevillesoccer.org for more information.

Travel Program

Hulmeville Travel Teams

2008-2009FHulmeville Golden TideWill Walker(215) 801-6587wwalker527@live.com
2009M Hulmeville CrushKevin Bock (267) 716-8452 kbock26@aol.com
2010F Hulmeville XtremeMatt D'Andrea(215) 478-5436 mattda@dandreabros.com
2011M Hulmeville DemonsJeff Wolford(215) 290-6768jwolford11@yahoo.com
2012F Hulmeville Hurricanes Mohammed Fask (215) 268-8599mohamed.pen@hotmail.com
2012M Hulmeville Raptors Mike Tarpey (215) 630-1574mstarpey79@gmail.com
2013F Hulmeville Mavericks Ashley Fischer(267) 228-3557 ashley.f113@gmail.com
2013M Hulmeville UnitedMatt Rosso (215) 767-4153 Mrosso@reedsmith.com
2014F Hulmeville Hot Shots Brian Trabosh (267) 449-2166 btrabosh@hotmail.com
2014M Hulmeville BarcaMohammed Fask (215) 268-8599mohamed.pen@hotmail.com
2015F Hulmeville SharksAmanda Guyon(267) 250-9454aguyon817@gmail.com
2015M Hulmeville LighteningChris Grant(215) 760-9808chris.grant929@gmail.com

HSC Travel Program News